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We at New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church realize that the youth are our future and it is our responsibility to nurture, equip and prepare them for the road of life. The Youth Ministry is one of the top priorities at New Bethel. The energy and enthusiasm to invest in the youth spiritually, academically, and financially begins at the top of our leadership with Pastor Smith and permeates throughout the church body. Pastor Smith served as a Youth Minister during his earlier years back in Birmingham, AL before accepting the call as a pastor. He has a love and zeal for the children and consistently pushes for innovative thinking when it comes to their development. That’s why initiatives were undertaken such as the creation of the New Bethel Academy. We plan to have a loving hand on the children of New Bethel beginning as early as infancy. And with initiatives that have been created such as our Scholarship Fund we plan to invest and direct them on up through their college years. The success of our youth is both critical and paramount.


Youth Empowered to Serve (Y.E.S.): The youth of New Bethel are indeed empowered to serve. They are tomorrow’s leaders and our objective is to ensure they serve with power, authority, humility and grace in the likeness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Several ministries within the church allow the youth to be a part of Sunday morning service such as the Youth Choir, Youth Usher, and Youth Praise Team. The youth are given the opportunity to practice public speaking through Sunday School verbal reviews, providing encouraging words on youth Sunday, taking leadership roles during Vacation Bible School Week, and of course verbal recitation during programs such as on Easter Sunday. The opportunities provided for individual growth are numerous and continue to evolve.



“See the World, Explore new destinations, Have an adventure of a lifetime”. These words you would likely expect to see on some travel agency advertisement, but the Youth Ministry at New Bethel works to make this a reality. We realize that in order to open a child’s mind sometimes they need to be removed from the proverbial box of their communities and allowed to experience new sights, sounds, and cultures than what they’re accustomed to experiencing in their daily walk. That’s why the Youth Ministry has annually taken a one week trip to different destinations such as New York, Washington D.C., and San Antonio, TX.


You are welcome to come join in the fun, excitement and growth of the Youth Ministry. The youth meet regularly on Wednesday evening during Bible Study time where they engage in various activities. In addition, please join the youth on Sunday morning for Sunday school as they learn Biblical principles needed to mold their lives in the most productive way of Christ. Contact the church office or monitor the weekly announcements for local outings and group activities planned throughout the year.  



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