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Welcome to the Marriage Ministry! We are a ministry focused on providing for the spiritual and practical needs within the marriage. Our goal is to build and strengthen successful marriages between a man and woman with Christ interweaved within the relationship. We truly want to be a light in the world that illuminates the positive attributes of holy matrimony.


Please join us every 4th Sunday at 9:00 a.m. as we study the principles of a godly marriage, under the direction of Pastor Smith. During this time we share Biblical principles that are needed to help sustain and grow loving marriages. Pastor Smith works to create a light hearted and relaxed atmosphere that makes this Sunday school class very enjoyable, yet Biblical truths and life experiences are shared that make the class impactful. We study different marriage related books within the class in addition to direct study from the Bible and Sunday school literature. For a prayerful yet practical approach to strengthening marriages, please come and join us.




Fun, laughter, and enjoyment are the ingredients for our monthly gatherings for the Marriage Ministry. We truly believe that time must be set aside to focus on the health of our marriages. So once a month we have an outing that has included picnics on the beach, bowling, dinner at an eloquent restaurant, movies, game night, and many other fun activities. In addition, the Marriage Ministry has at least one retreat a year where we take a few days to get away from the normal demands around the home. We will pack up and pick a fun destination to relax, recharge, and recommit.




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