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Welcome to the Media Ministry of New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. We are here to provide the inspirational sights and sounds of New Bethel. We believe that the actual experience of worshipping and fellowshipping in person with our loving congregation is an experience that can’t be duplicated. And in that regard we sincerely invite you to come be a part of the loving, learning experience at New Bethel.


We do, however, recognize that the demands of today’s society create a need to be able to receive worship service through different media outlets. We are here to be a conduit for many to receive the Word of God where they are. Currently, we broadcast morning services via cable television in addition to providing DVDs and audio CDs. These services provide the opportunity to minister to those who maybe can’t or in some case simply won’t come out to church. It also provides an opportunity to share a specific Word you received in service that you feel will be a blessing to a loved one or colleague. Our CDs and DVDs also allow you to develop your own media library that can be revisited at your convenience.


The Media Ministry is always looking for volunteers who enjoy working with sound, digital, video and computer equipment to support our services. We will continue to expand and evolve our services as the ministries grows. For more information regarding the ministry or specific media products contact the church office or email the Media Ministry at








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